NCAA AThletes

Athletics, Academics, Financials & FAFSA form-Looking at the Whole College Plan

College programs need to use their allotted funds wisely in order to stay competitive. We are extremely lucky, and grateful if our student-athletes are awarded 25-50 percent of their college education to be covered by an athletic scholarship. Who pays for the rest? Families are still responsible for the remaining 50%-75% of the college tuition.  Many families focus solely on athletics and forget to consider the academic and financial aspects of college planning. Instead of providing incomplete solutions to the same problem, we turn your problem into a single comprehensive plan. 

The cost of a four-year education is expensive. Today, colleges range from $25K-$70K per year. In our educational system today, it is taking the average college student just over 6 years to get their 4-year degree. Grants, athletic and academic scholarships only last 4 years. If our students take an extra year, or two to get their degree, those years are at full-price to our families. By academically positioning our students into a college where they are a good fit, we can minimize, or even eliminate those extra years and potentially save a family thousands of dollars on a college education.

In conjunction with the Ketterman College Funding, we have been working with families for over 11 years! We analyze your family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and we will see how low your EFC can be. We will let you know the schools your student is academically elevated based on the athletic offers they currently have, as well as where they can receive academic offers at colleges they have yet to consider. We will help create a plan to pay for what sports isn’t going to cover, for the families with more than one child, and on average we help families save anywhere from $40k-$80k on a four-year education. Contact me for a free FAFSA review, let’s see what we at Ketterman College Funding can do for you.

Find a college that is the right “Fit” for you, graduate on time and reduce loan debt!